Tuesday, March 31, 2020


The delicate tiny white flower from the Alps has long symbolized freedom. When pondering our global situation this morning, this song popped into my mind. Tyranny always comes to an end, and like those who have gone before us, we too will gain our freedom. Much love to you all as we work together to defeat our common yet unseen enemy xo

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Snoring Bulldog's first snore!

It ain't much, but it's a start. Here's my first podcast, as scheduled, but not remotely as "planned." Virtual hugs to all!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Feli belated Saliolum

I was so caught up in celebrating Saliolum, it slipped my mind to mention it here! I've done scores (probably more than a hundred) theme events over the years, and none have been so buoyant and joyous as the brunch held at Paris In A Cup in Old Town Orange CA on Feb 29 of this year. I attribute the wonderful spirit of the day to those who chose to participate. Anyone willing to don sunflowers and celebrate Leap Day in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable was bound to bring a sense of whimsy with them when they entered the doors.
"Thank you for such an enjoyable day! I love your energy and creativity. I hope to see you at the outrageous etiquette tea and the overnight rail trip [to Portland]. I like the mental stimulation at your teas. The tea spoon was such a nice memento along with the sunflower lollipop. And the food at Paris in my humble opinion is the best! Cheers," Candace B.
As I've come to expect at Paris In A Cup, the food was outstanding, with dishes taken straight from the Saliolum Leap Day Traditions booklet I compiled for the Ocademy. Once we started talking about the origins of the day, regrettably, I forgot all about asking guests to share how they intended to take a Leap out of their comfort zone. I even forgot to lead the singing of the Saliolum song at the end! Sheesh, that'll teach me to have so much fun.

The day was also the release of Marked for Adventure, the 1st of 49 novellas in Peyton Drake's Omni Tale, to be publisheed every 6 weeks from here to eternity. Add to that, Leap Day was also Peyton's birthday, and the release of the first Chapter Commentary video on Youtube. I kept all that on the downlow though, since the focus was on Salilolum. I did however finally (after longer than I'd care to admit) institute a charm bracelet program whereby attendees get a free charm relating to each event they come to.

The next day I decided to hunker down and write personalized thank-you emails to all who signed up for the sold-out event. In truth, it was pretty darn tedious and took all day, but was so worth it to express gratitude to all who invested themselves in the day. I can't wait to see where we all are on our life's journey next Saliolum!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

So long, Seamus. Welcome, Woodhouse!

Today I bid adieu to Seamus, my beloved stick-shift convertible Mini Cooper. The parting was one I'd been putting off, as I loved everything about my zippy little sports car. I intended to keep him for 3 years. He ended up sticking around for 4. I got the unshakable feeling I was supposed to get something "practical" with 4 doors to allow for comfortable transport of others, and automatic transmission. It was time for me to go sans convertible. Ugh!

I knew I wanted something quirky, and these days I have no interest in new cars. That's when I espied P.T. Woodhouse, my new ride. I'd gone to the car lot to purchase a different vehicle, and ended up with my new friend. I have never been one to keep a lot of "stuff" in my car, but I immediately set to Steampunkifying P.T. with all the goodies you see pictured.

Thus I now drive around daily outfitted with a lookout kraken, a pirate spyglass and cache of doubloons, a Burberry blanket, driving gloves, aviator hat and goggles, sundial compass, adventurer's journal, parasol and fan, and a copy of the Tea Travellers Constant Companion for SoCal, should I feel the need to stop for afternoon tea. The accoutrements have gone far in helping me make the transition from wishful race car driver to temporarily ground aeronaut. And of course having a kraken at my side just makes me happy in general.

Best of all, the new carriage is TARDIS-esque, insomuch as it appears "bigger on the inside" as many have commented. I look forward to the adventures to come, and to being able to take others along with me. Change can be fun!

Saturday, February 1, 2020


It's the midwinter marker! 

When cold succumbs to fire and the sun inches toward spring